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The New Facts About Brushing Your Teeth

Rohnert Park Dentist Brush Teeth

Most patients are aware of the fact that they need to brush their teeth at least twice a day for optimum dental health, but recent studies have shown that there are more factors at play than previously thought and when

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How to Choose a Safe Dentist

Mill Valley Safe Dentist

Unfortunately, many negative news reports have appeared regarding dentists, including a dentist in Oklahoma that may have infected his patients with hepatitis C, and a dentist in Maryland who exchanged prescription drugs for illicit favors. Of course, the majority of dentists are

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What Affects Your Teeth Cleaning Schedule? The Answer May Surprise You

Teeth Cleaning Mill Valley Dentist

Twice yearly teeth cleanings may not be enough for some people, and may be unnecessary for others. A new study published in the Journal of Dental Research, entitled “Patient Stratification for Preventative Care in Dentistry,” supports the idea that bi-annual

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What You And Your Dog Have in Common When it Comes to Teeth

dog dentist Santa Rosa

Whether you have a carefully bred champion, or a beloved unknown mix from a local rescue, your dog is an important part of your family. However, you may not realize that the tooth care your dog requires has a lot

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Celebrities Are Scared of the Dentist, Too

LeBron James Dentist Visit

LeBron James made the news the other week when he posted a picture on photo sharing site Instagram during a trip to the dentist. The photo is somewhat comical, showing the basketball great with his mouth full of hands and

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Strange Toothache Remedies You Can Make in Less than 5 Minutes

toothache san rafael

When you start to feel a pain in your tooth, that’s usually a good indication that it’s time to go to the dentist. Ignoring a toothache can turn it into a more serious problem. If you’ve already called your dentist,

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Want To Be a Dentist?

Even if you don’t necessarily want to be a dentist in a private practice setting, there are still plenty of other options to consider in the dental field. Great careers in dentistry range from research and teaching to international health

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Hyperdontia and Supernumerary Teeth


Supernumerary is a term referring to the extra teeth in the mouth caused by a condition known as hyperdontia. These extra teeth can be located anywhere in the oral cavity, but are commonly located in the anterior maxillary (top front teeth)

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Researchers Studying Alligators to Learn More About Tooth Regrowth Processes

Alligator Teeth

Did you know that alligators, along with many other reptiles and fish, have the ability to replace lost teeth by growing new ones? Scientists are currently studying this phenomenon in order to learn clues about how it happens, and their

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Dental Myths and Facts

Smile Rohnert Park

There are many old wives’ tales and other misconceptions out there regarding dentistry and oral health. Since many can be misleading, it’s about time to take a closer look at some to help discern the myths from the facts. Clenching

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